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Comments from previous timber frame courses
July 2018

I enjoyed every part of it. I learned skills that will last me a lifetime..
Perfect course. I wouldn't change a thing.
Excellent introduction to timber frame construction. Well taught and challenging.
I really enjoyed the project, learning style, and the venue. Jason's teaching style was great.
This is the best learning opportunity I've ever had. Thank you!
May 2018- Level Two

Two thumbs up!
Well done, lots of good info!
Great course. Can't wait for level three!
Loved this course!!
Keep doing what you're doing!
May 2018- Level One

Would do it again
I was impressed with the beautiful old work shop. The course exceeded my expectation. Great job.
Super, super week, had a really great time. Would highly recommend it to others.
Perfect course. Amazing instruction and beautiful venue.
July 2017

Awesome course! Loved it! Can't wait for the next one!
Everything was perfect!
Can't imagine a better over-all experience.
Outstanding course. Will most likely take the intermediate timber framing course
May 2017- Level Two

This is the best workshop I have ever attended. It could only be better with more of the same.
Happy to be able to do scarf joints.
The instructors were good. We did more than anticipated.
May 2017- Level One

I have never used power tools before. I handle them with confidence now.
A warm, receptive, informative, and supportive learning environment.
All aspects of the course were great with lots of different skills learned.
A fine course that has left me far more able and confident than when I started.
The course covered all the basics thoroughly
July 2016

I have nothing but the highest praise for this course and the level of instruction provided by Jason and Derek. Further, they were always on hand to answer any questions or lend a hand. The instruction was at the perfect level in that it was up to the students to suss out some of the joinery.

Jason and Derek were the most amazing and patient teachers. It was truly my best week of the summer. They taught me skills I will carry with me the rest of my life. There was not enough room on the evaluation sheet to express how amazing the course was.I might take the course again in the future just for the sheer fun of it.
Everything exceeded my expectations. I am very interested in the advanced course.
Absolutely enjoyed the course. Jason's love of teaching and thorough knowledge were valued. I wish I could have spent more time learning from our instructors.
May 2016

All course content was clear and concise. I thought the course was well put together. Instructor was always available to answer questions

The instructors have a wonderful approach to teaching to teaching. I enjoyed the ability they had to lead us to the correct solution without giving the correct answer. This made it far easier to commit to memory the skills and solutions to be successful. Great job!
It was a great week and a fantastic experience. You made us feel very welcome.
We had a great time! We were quite discouraged after Monday because we were so far behind. But by the end of the week we felt good about the work we were doing and because of how much we were learning. It was fun to see the frame go up on Saturday!
May 2015

This is a top notch course and I believe that your teaching ability and technique shone through by the fact things (frames fit, structure up) went well!!

Great week!!
Great course even the second time!
August 2014

Wish the course was longer. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

I really enjoyed the course. Jason does an excellent job explaining the stops and he allowed lots of time for questions and opportunities to explore. We worked hard and had a great time.
Best week Iíve spent in a long time. The time flew by too fast. A very professional and laid back feeling from both Jason and Mark was appreciated.
All in all the course was awesome. I would have paid more for the opportunity and look forward to a long term relationship with Gibson Timber Frames.
May 2014

The course moved at a good pace and it was great having a partner to discuss cuts.

Great course and excellent instructors. Best course Iíve have had in years. I would like to see a part II of the course.
Great experience. Learned a ton that I will be able to use in the future. Exceeded my expectations.
A great balance. Jason gave us enough information but not too much so we learned how to figure for ourselves.
Great course. I feel we got more than our moneyís worth.
August 2013

Great hands on course. Instruction and setup were excellently done.
Very enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.
Jason and Richard were great instructors.
Above and beyond what I expected. Really fun!
Even questions regarding our own projects were addressed.
Great course. Thanks again. We will keep in touch.
Spring 2013

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this timber frame course. There was a perfect mix of hands on versus theory and instruction, being heavy on the hands on side which was desired and good for the way I learn. Jason did not spoon feed us with all the necessary information but left us room to calculate for ourselves some aspects of the build, so some thinking is required.
I was also impressed with the amount of information Jason is selflessly willing to share and offering of his professional assistance to anyone involved in the course who had a project they were intending to tackle after the course.
Jason's old timber frame barn lends itself perfectly to the atmosphere for this course which felt warm and inviting as soon as I walked into the loft workshop area. Jason has an easy going but very confident teaching technique. He or one of the other instructors was always available to address any questions as work progressed.
The comradery among Jason, other instructors and course participants grew stronger every day and by the end of the week we all had some new friends! I found the week went by very quickly, probably because we were kept very busy from start to finish. On the final day I found myself wishing it was not already over!
Safety during the course was stressed and paramount throughout the week.
I highly recommend Jason's company and course to anyone who wants to learn more about the fine art/craft of square rule timber frame building. My sincere thanks to Jason, Mark and Richard! Paul H

I donít often give courses 100% evaluations but this one was excellent. Mark M.
Awesome course. Wasnít a great handyman before, still couldnít claim to be one after. But I would definitely feel comfortable building a timber frame structure after this course. Graham M.
I am completely satisfied with this course, instructors, and atmosphere! Kudos to all!! It is wonderful that you share all this information so unselfishly.
This course exceeded my expectations by far. Instructors were knowledgeable, respectful of our abilities, and supportive. A wealth of info every day.
Spring 2012

"Great time, great course".

"Thoroughly pleased"
"Excellent course, exceeded my expectations. Found the course online. Staff was very helpful."
Course was excellent in all aspects and would highly recommend it to others.
Summer 2011

"Loved the course. Completely met my expectations. Really enjoyed Jason and Richard as instructors. Would be very interested in a weekend "advanced" course etc." Mark F

"Jason and Richard were fantastic instructors that allowed their passion for the art to come through and ensured that all the students were able to learn and succeed. Awesome course! Please let us know if an advanced course is ever offered." Glen W
"Great course and excellent instructor! I will recommend this course to anybody who loves working with wood. I had plans to build a barn on my property but didn't really know where to start. After the course I feel confident that I can apply acquired knowledge without significant problems. Thank you Jason!" Alexei P
"I felt that this was a fantastic course, it was the right balance of instruction and freedom that allowed for experiential learning. . I would highly recommend this course to anybody who's interested in timber framing or purchasing a timber frame home. It exemplifies the craftsmanship that is required to complete a timber frame and make it look tight. I'm amazed, at the tolerances that are employed while working with 8 x 8 beams, essentially it is akin to cabinetmaking." James M
I really enjoyed the course. Lots of hands on! The teachers were great and they really know their stuff. They obviously love timber framing! Shawn C
Spring 2011

"You are a very good communicator and allowing us to figure things out is very appreciated. You have taught me skills and left me with memories I will cherish forever. "

"I loved every part of the course. It was challenging and enjoyable. It opened my eyes to timber framing and I want to do more after the course."
"I am extremely grateful that you have shared your talents with me and my peers."
"I enjoyed the course and would have easily done two weeks. Best course ever."
Spring 2010

Thanks for the great course. I had a blast. - Dan A.

I really enjoyed the course, and thought your crew did a fantastic job. The structure looks great! -- Eric C.
I had a wonderful time taking your course. Jason and Mark are patient teachers. Each has a unique perspective to share as professional timber framers. Jason understands the design and theory, while Mark offers a practical, "nuts and bolts" point of view. Their shared strengths compliment each other and provide for a well-rounded course. - Mathew O.
Great course. Learned tons. Great atmosphere. I liked the fact that we had to make the plan for certain pieces rather than being spoon fed all the plans. - Marc B.
Summer 2010

The instructor's lectures were detailed enough for the short period of time we had but more importantly (for me) you were always available for, and amenable to, answering specific questions. The course MORE than met my expectations. - Steve M.

I really enjoyed the course. I think it gives a good understanding of the timber framing process and gets everyone involved in performing the various tasks necessary to set up, cut and raise a timber frame. - Geoff M.
Summer 2009

"The Gibson Timber Frame Course met and exceeded my most optimistic expectations. The combination of experience in hand tools, power tools, structural and design concepts, drawing analysis, and practical shaping of all the important joints using both hand and power tools was both instructional and stimulating. An energizing and enjoyable esprit de Coeur developed amongst the group, from across Canada, with all working intently and cooperatively to complete the timber frame project in the allotted time. At the end one felt confidently able to plan and construct a timber frame structure. I enjoyed the course immensely". - George

"The course was better than I hoped. I appreciated the way that Jason asked the participants to figure out layout from the drawings rather than spoon-feed the information. It made for better learning and understanding on my part. I appreciated the emphasis on safety and Jason's in-depth knowledge combined with a relaxed approach." - Noel

May 2009

"Awesome week. Wouldn't change a thing. Mark and Jason compliment each other."

"The instructors are very understanding of the different levels of expertise and able to adjust their teaching method."

"Great course. Enjoyed the entire program." "Jason and Mark are a wealth of knowledge. They were patient, safety conscious and very interactive. Great course!"

July 2008

"Jason gave me the knowledge and courage to go ahead and build my own timber frame." - Stephen

"Enjoyed the course and the teaching techniques." - Steve

"Great course. Everything it said it was going to be and more. The work book was an added bonus." - Josh, Woodlawn, Ontario

"This was awesome! Jason is a great teacher/leader." - name withheld

"Excellent course!!!" - Barry

"I think the teaching that we had was great. I learned the basics and got to do and perfect my methods. All-in-all I had a blast. Money well spent. - Arnold, Brockville, Ontario

"Ten of us students started with a large stack of rough cut lumber and with the patient and experienced tuition of Jason produced a completed and raised timber frame. A very enjoyable and educational weeks course. Highly recommended." - Graham, Calgary

May 5 - 10, 2008

"Thanks for a great week, Jason! Had a great time and learned a lot. " - Al

"Thanks for your wisdom and easy going patient teaching style. The week has been a wonderful learning experience for me! A whole new world has been opened up before me. What a week! Great time!" - Todd, Oakville, Ontario

"This has been superb. Good people teaching good skills that could even reach this bumbling amateur." - Eric

"It's been an absolutely fantastic week. This will go down as one of those "great life experiences" that I'll always remember. Thanks for all your advice and patience for my endless requests to check layout!" - Stewart, Nepean, Ontario

"Excellent course, Jason. You make an excellent teacher." - Mike T.

"I highly recommend the GTF timber framing course.  Jason is very knowledgeable about timber framing techniques and he works with course participants in a manner which is safe, practical, and FUN!  It was a great week of hands-on learning and skill building, and very satisfying to see how all the components came together with raising the completed timber frame on the last day of the course". Gregg N.

"I found that the course struck a good balance between the practical aspects of timber framing and the principals behind the craft. Given the scope of the course, it was great how Jason integrated the practical demonstration of sawing rough lumber on site. From a personal perspective Jason was a fabulous instructor and managed to effectively educate people from a diverse set of backgrounds." - Michael S.

"The course was excellent and the information provided on the steps necessary to build a timber frame home was invaluable. I have recently submitted my plans for an addition to a structural engineer for approval. Jason's practical experience and information was what I needed to take this step and plan building my own frames." - John B

"The course was fun and I sure learned a lot.  It brought together a great group of people with an incredible variety of skill sets.  Needless to say, with that many people all working on the various bits of the structure, you really wonder what the finished product would look like. Jason made the process both fun and informative and true to his word, the final product went together just as he had told us it would and it looked great too!!! Truth be told, I would take the course again just for the fun and camaraderie." - Ron C.

"Jason is a natural-born teacher:  his candor with his students makes you feel immediately at ease and ready to learn, and his approach to course material, including the introduction of timber frame and timber frame-hybrid design, is driven by years of experience.  Inspiring: I haven't put down my chisels since." - Dave B.

"As an educator, part of my work involves evaluating teaching materials, strategies and course contents and I must say I was very impressed by the overall quality of the course. It had just the right balance of detailed explanations and hands on practice to provide an excellent introduction to timber framing basics, while still being challenging enough to hold the interest of more experienced participants. Jason's solid expertise delivered in a relaxed and humorous style set the tone for the great group dynamics that prevailed over that very enjoyable week." - Brian D.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the timber framing course.   He is an excellent instructor that made the whole process of raising a timber frame structure from scratch easy to understand.  He presented the course information in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and always had time to provide some one-on-one advice.   I especially appreciated the hands-on approach in the course since it allowed us to try the different tools of the trade, and see what timber framing is all about. The skills and confidence I gained at the course prompted me to start my own project, a 12x16 timber frame shed.  I highly recommend this course for anyone that is interested in timber framing and wants to learn more about the process." - Ben W

"Gibson Timber Frames framing course gave me the confidence to build my own timber frame home.  Jason has an easygoing approach to teaching and I would recommend the course to anyone, both professional builder and homeowner, who is interested in the craft." - Joe I

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