Amherst Island Timber Frame Restoration Gibson Timber Frames

old barn
dismantle old barn
Amherst Island is located about 10 km west of Kingston, Ontario and is only accessible by a 20 minute ferry ride. This timber frame is located on the south shore and was built around 1870 for a grainery and hay barn. Amherst Island used to be coverd with white oak trees and at one point in its history had 7 ship building shops. As the island was cleared, a farming community developed and that community is still very active today. Although this farm has not been active for the past 15 years, the barn is original. The frame is mostly made of white oak.
This barn needed extensive repair, so it was decided to dismantle the barn. The pieces that could be repaired were, and those beyond re-use were replaced. When replicating pieces, similar wood species and dimensions were used.
A new concrete foundation was poured and the frame was re-erected. Some of the original barn board was used, some new, and a new steel roof was put on. This barn is still being used as a barn and will likely live another long life.


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