Canadian owned with expertise in old timber frame restoration & rehabilitation & new custom timber frame design & construction. Custom timber frame plans also for sale and timber frame courses offered.

Barn Frames

There is no way to replicate the history, character and hardwork in the antique timber frames of Eastern Ontario. Large timbers with hand hewn faces and traditional mortice and tenon joinery refabricated into a new home or business will create a unique and powerfull interior.
Gibson Timber Frames is a group of skilled timber framers experienced in antique timber frames. The buildings we offer for sale were carefully documented and professionally dismantled, and will be re-erected with the same skill and care.

The shop drawings for the timber frames will be supplied to you before final commitment. This will allow you to work with your design and complete your plans. We will also work with you and your local building department. Typically an engineer is required to review the timber frame plans and confirm the antique timber frame will meet your local building code. We are comfortable with this process and can work with you and an engineer on this process, before you make a final commitment.

Check out the new floor plans for the Ferguson barn at the Otty Woods site:



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